Reminders for Safe Travel this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. As we prepare, we want to offer these reminders for safe holiday travel.

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes down to “correct” driving habits. We are providing some important reminders for you to keep in mind while you travel on the road this holiday season.

Prepare yourself to drive:

  • Fasten your seat belt: One of the most important rules before you begin to drive is to always wear your seat belt even if you are just going around the corner. It is to help prevent injuries if you are involved in a collision. If you have passengers in the vehicle, remember to check to see if they are properly secured before you start driving.
  • Adjust the driver’s seat: Set up the vehicle to your own personal standards. Make sure you can see properly out of your rearview mirror and side mirrors which includes minimizing any blind spots.
  • Adjust your head restraint: Adjusting the head restraint is just like the mirrors. Adjust it to your own personal comfort. The top of the head restraint should be parallel to the top of your ears. This is to avoid any neck injury in a collision.

Let people know what you are going to do:

  • Use turn signals: During the last 100 feet before your turning point is when you should turn on your signal. Always remember to use your signals when changing lanes as well.
    • Use your turn signal for at least five seconds before pulling away from a curb.
    • At least two seconds before changing lanes.
    • At least three seconds before turning.

Continue to drive legally when others bend the rules:

  • Come to a complete stop: Always remember to come to a complete stop when pulling up to a stop sign. No rolling the stop signs.
  • Obey the speed limit: Adjust your speed to safely travel to your destination while not exceeding the maximum posted speed limit.
  • Do NOT block intersections: Stop at green lights when traffic in front of you is not leaving the intersection. You never want to be in the middle of an intersection because it is very dangerous and holds up traffic.
  • Stop for emergency vehicles: Whenever you see emergency vehicle with their lights on, you need to safely get out of the way.

These are only a few good driving habits you should always keep in mind. Happy Holidays and happy travels!


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